Beautiful™ Furniture Glaze Antiqued - Quart

Beautiful™ Furniture Glaze Antiqued - Quart
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Beautiful™ Furniture Glaze Antiqued- a professional glaze that is pre-tinted and ready to use straight out of the jar.  It is developed for the end-user to allow for longer open-time when applied over an absorbent based paint.

A Premium vehicle for all of your furniture and wall glazing needs. It was forumulated to be the perfect glaze option over chalk based paints for its long open time and workability.   

It is a fantastic glaze over various surface substrates: walls, concrete, exteriors etc.

When used over a light chalk based paint colors:  Apply a thin slip coat of Beautiful™ Furniture Glaze Clear and then follow into the corners and crevices with our Beautiful™ Furniture Glaze Antique.  Allow to sit for a few minutes and wipe back the surface until you have reached your desired antiqued effect.  Use a lint free cloth.

When used over a dark chalk based paint colors:  Go straight to Beautiful™ Furniture Glaze Antique.  There is no need to use a clear slip coat over dark colors.  Use a lint free cloth.

Beautiful™ glaze is extremely durable on its own, however when using on kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, we recommend our Beautiful™ Furniture Seal Satin as your final layer.

If you have not tried our waterbourne top coat brush then we highly recomment applying the Seal Coat with The Royce top coat brush.  We have searched far and wide for this brush!  It is hands down the best on the market and will leave you with a streak free finish!  For those who do not have the capability to spray, this brush is the answer to your streak free finish!  

Please caution, this brush is to be used ONLY for applying a waterbourne top coat- please DO NOT use to apply paint.


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