Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Wax in Dark -- Mini

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Wax in Dark -- Mini
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You've asked for the smaller size Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Wax in Dark and we now have it in 120 ml!

*Tip: Always apply a layer of clear wax prior to applying dark wax!

Brush on a layer of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Wax in Clear, lightly massage in with towel (I like the "Better Than Cheesecloth"™ towels) then while that is still wet....immediately apply your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Wax in Dark over it and then wipe the excess wax off.  Check for streaks by gently using your fingertip and run down your piece in various areas.  If you have streaks wipe more. Let set overnight and buff the following day.

The one and only Annie Sloan Soft Wax has the consistency of soft margerine making it easy to apply

It works as a system to seal and protect Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint®.  It has little odor, once cured (in 3-5 weeks it is a very durable surface.  It works beautifully on tables (apply at least two coats of wax on table tops and surfaces that see a lot of action), we use it on our kitchen cabinet commissions and they hold up beautifully.  Nothing beats an artisan hand waxed finish on a piece of furniture.  Wipe with a soft cloth to dust, a mild cleaner like Clorox Wipes when needed...please no pledge or similar over wax.


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