Annie Sloan Paint Brush - Medium

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Brush - Medium
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Made of pure boar bristle, this is a great brush for painting & achieving texture.  

They hold a nice amount of paint (only dip halfway up never get paint on the metal ferrule) and leave nice brush strokes.

It is oval, with a metal ferule and wooden handle. Annie says "These type of brushes have always been my favorite as they allow you to be expressive as the bristle is strong and firm but pliable." They can also be used for applying wax. 

Love this brush for painting with Chalk Paint®, it holds a lot of paint and nice brush strokes.  Wash with a little soap and water prior to use to remove loose hairs and of course after painting. Dry flat or hang up...never dry with bristles up on any brush.


Made it Italy.

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