Artisan Enhancements® Scumble Glaze - Quart

Artisan Enhancements® Scumble Glaze - Quart
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Scumble by Artisan Enhancements® -Quart 

Scumble is a transparent, tintable “glaze like” medium with a long open time. Scumble can be used like traditional glaze but is formulated to be mixed with Chalk Paint® or tints. It has a neutral base which allows it to be easily tinted from light to dark colors. You can even take it to your local paint store for tinting. Scumble has an extended “open time” of approximately 15 - 20 minutes. “Open time” means you have the flexibility to wipe the product off while you are working. If tinting the product with Chalk Paint® start with a 1 to 3 ratio of Chalk Paint® to Scumble. The mixture will thicken as the product sits. This will not affect your finish, but if you like it thinner just add more Scumble to your mix. Play with the ratios of paint to Scumble until you get your desired color.

RECOMMENDED USE: Scumble is formulated for use on base coated furniture, cabinets and doors. Brush or roll on a thin layer of untinted Scumble on your painted surface as a “slip coat” (this gives you a good workable surface). Quickly add your next layer of tinted Scumble and wipe back after a few minutes. (You do not want your “slip coat” to dry as it could crack before you add your next layer). Timing on wiping your tinted layer back depends on depth of color you would like. The longer you leave it on the more tint stays on your surface. Try a test spot to achieve your desired result. Once completely dried add Clear Topcoat Sealer or Clear Finish.

STORAGE: Seal container tightly and do not let freeze or expose to direct sunlight or extreme heat. Do not apply product when air and surface temperatures are below 50°F.

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