Efex™ T58 -Swag & Swag Trim - Shipping Included

Efex™ T58 -Swag & Swag Trim  - Shipping Included
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Efex™ T58 -Swag & Swag Trim  - Shipping Included

38.9" x .7"

Efex™ can be applied to almost any surface such as wood, plaster, metal, glass and terracotta, by using a standard contact cement such as Dap.
Simply apply to the back of the molding and to surface you're attaching to. We like to trace our molding profile onto our furniture, mirrors, or other decorative items first using either a water color pencil or sewing chalk pencil.  Then brush on contact cement on the piece inside the traced design and on the molding back. Let both set for 30 minutes and then attach. Follow the directions on your contact cement. Press the two surfaces together and its done. Epoxy or PVA glues will not adhere.
Afterwards, paint with Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan, which is our favorite, or another paint and it will unify the piece and resemble authentic carvings. In addition, you can use Annie Sloan Craqueleur, varnish, or wax and then gild your pieces.  Get any look from Elegant French to Shabby Chic.
Efex™ can be used anywhere around the home including kitchens and bathrooms. Use on furniture, walls doors or mirrors. Create more ornate picture frames and boxes.  Reinvent existing mirrors or frames by applying additional applique moldings.
Why are Efex™ Moldings special?
There are many types of moldings - and most have one thing in common. They are not flexible. This means that they must either be applied to completely flat surfaces or have gaps filled after application.
Efex™ moldings are completely flexible, so curved or irregular surfaces are not a problem. The moldings simply flex to fit. They can also be stretched up to 1-2% to ensure a tight fit. No special tools are required beyond a pair of scissors or knife.
For garden uses such as terracotta, store inside during extreme winter weather, or in a sheltered area.
What Designs Do We Have?
We carry the most popular designs - trim, scrolls, rosettes, bows, and much more.  We will be adding new designs every month.
All of our designs come from old world historic moldings.

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