French Gilding Wax in Renaissance Gold - 30 mL

French Gilding Wax in Renaissance Gold - 30 mL
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Renaissance Gold is a coppery gold.

You can create a copper verdigris look by applying over a deep green color, such as Chalk Paint® in Olive.

A little of this gilding wax goes a long way.  Just apply the wax to the raised ornamentation on  a newly painted piece of furniture or frame.  Add banding to your piece by taping off sections or selecting areas of a panel to highlight.  This wax is suitable to all types of surfaces including wood, plaster, glass and metal.

Feel free to mix the various golds or create a platinum color by mixing Empire Gold with Silver.  Create a beautiful Rose Gold color by mixing Renaissance Gold with Silver.

French Gilding Wax contains very fine metal particles that bounce light. Apply to raised areas or areas your want to band or accent gild.  This wax does not rub off and is easily applied with a brush or a finger.

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