Furniture Painting Workshop:Sat.- 6/29/19~9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m

Chalk Paint® Workshop Level I-How to Paint Furniture and More
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Furniture Painting Workshop - Saturday, June 29, 2019 ~ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm:

This 3-hour workshop is a great way to learn how to create beautiful finishes for your furniture and decor pieces using Jolie™ Paint and Chalk Paint®, both are matte finish water based paints.. 

You will learn the essentials of painting with matte finish paints like Jolie Matte Paint and Chalk Paint®, both do not require sanding, stripping, or priming prior to application. 

We will work on 3 decor projects, we will learn 4 painting techniques including: Country Rustic, American  Smooth Finish with a two-color distress, and European Wash. All projects are yours to take home.

Workshop students will learn how to mix custom colors and apply Jolie™ Finishing Waxes and Chalk Paint Waxes in Annie in both Clear and colored waxes for a sheer protected finish and added patina.  Also learn how to use gilding waxes.


All workshop materials are included, along with some goodies to bring home!


*Class size is limited.

*All workshops are instructed by Patty Seaman, owner of Paint Passion and one of the first founding stockists of Chalk Paint® in the U.S. Now featuring Jolie Matte Paint Made in the USA.

*Please register online or in-shop. We will send a confirmation email once your online order/payment is received.  

*If you are parked in a metered area of Red Bank, please allot 4 hours of time for the workshop, in case it runs over. 

*The White Street Lot (located on White St. behind The Dublin House Restaurant) is the closest to Paint Passion.

*Jolie Matte Paint, Chalk Paint® quarts, sample pots, Soft Waxes, Brushes and all other products used during the workshop are available for purchase in Paint Passion and in our online store.



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