Furniture Painting Workshop:Saturday~8/17/19~9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m

Chalk Paint® Workshop Level I-How to Paint Furniture and More
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Furniture Painting Workshop - Saturday, August 17, 2019 ~ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm:

This 3-hour plus workshop is a great way to learn how to create beautiful finishes for your furniture and decor pieces using  Jolie™  Paint and Chalk Paint® both are matte finish and water based paints.

You will learn the essentials of painting with matte finish paints, these paints that do not require sanding, stripping, or priming prior to application. 

On 3 decor projects, you will learn 4 paint techniques including:   Country Rustic,  American Smooth finish with a two-color distress, and European Wash. You'll take your projects home.

Workshop students will learn how to mix custom colors and apply Jolie™ Finishing Waxes in both clear, dark brown, black or white waxes  for a sheer protected finish and added patina.  We will also learn how to use gilding waxes.

All workshop materials are included, along with some goodies to bring home!


*Class size is limited.

*All workshops are instructed by Patty Seaman, owner of Paint Passion and one of the first founding stockists of Chalk Paint® in the U.S. We now also carry Jolie Home Matte Finish Paint.

*Please register online or in-shop. We will send a confirmation email once your order/payment is received.  

*If you are parked in a metered area of Red Bank, please allot 4 hours of time for the workshop, in case the workshop runs over. 

*The White Street Lot (located on White St. behind The Dublin House Restaurant) is the closest to Paint Passion.

*Chalk Paint® quarts, sample pots, Jolie Matte Finish Paint,  Soft Waxes, and all other products used during the workshop are available for purchase in Paint Passion and in our online store.


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