Pour Spout Lids

Pour Spout Lids
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Pour Spout Lids with their screw tops attach securely to almost any quart paint can, but we love to use them on our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  It works perfectly when we just want to pour out a bit when mixing colors, or setting some out to thicken for a texture technique.  The opening is even large enough to fit in our two inch brushes.  These lids are completely reusable too.  Once done just remove them and rinse them off, ready for the next can. 

The first time you use them you may want to soak them in hot water to soften them a bit.  Start at either the tab side, or the opposite of the tab side and push down with both thumbs moving along the edge of the rim pressing down firmly all the way around until you hear the snap.  The lid is secure.  If your paint can has built up paint on the rim, you'll need to remove that first to get a good connection.

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