Set of 3 Smooth Paint Brushes-shipping included

Set of three white nylon brushes, Misty the kitty loves playing with them too.
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This set of 3 Smooth Paint Brushes comes in 1, 2, and 3 inch sizes. Shipping included.

All brushes are made of white nylon bristles, making them easy to clean up. They apply a nice even coat of paint, are easy to cut-in & handle.

These are the perfect brushes for achieving a thinner coat with fewer brush strokes. They are long-lasting and a great value.  

*Tip: we do NOT recommend using these brushes to apply Soft Wax.

We recommend that you wash your brush in warm water to remove any loose hairs prior to painting.  Almost all brushes will have loose hairs and we have found that washing the brushes with a drop of dishwashing detergent, helps this issue.   


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