Ultimate Buffing Brush - Small

Ultimate Buffing Brush - Small
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Our Ultimate Buffing Brush is 100% Horsehair that is densely packed to ensure the piece you are working on will not be scratched or damaged during the buffing process. The horsehair is very soft giving superior performance for use on fine furniture. We recommend purchasing two Ultimate Buffing Brushes, one for use with clear and one for dark waxes. Two clearly marked brushes will eliminate potential contamination of dark wax on to a clear wax project. Our Ultimate Buffing Brush is tapered to make it easier for the hard to reach areas and is the highest quality brush available. Furniture care specialists recommend horsehair brushes for all types of furniture.

The comfortable strap allows you to quickly buff your furniture pieces.  Buff after the pieces your have waxed have set overnight.  The more you buff the higher the sheen.

Small Size 6-3/8” x 2 3/4” - Hair is trimmed to 1”

Use this brush for buffing not for wax application.  We love both the shorter handled Waxwell™ and smaller Waxine™, plus the Ultimate Wax Brush with the longer handle.  Just use the wax brush you prefer, my customers love them both.

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