Ultimate Waxing Brush - Short Handle

This wax brush was created to apply to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Natural bristles, makes wax application easier, gets into all the crevices, easy to handle and control.
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This is the shorter-handle version of the Ultimate Wax Brush.  

It has a comfortable wooden handle fits nicely in your hand and the ferrule is made of nickel-plated steel guaranteeing no rust.  The 2" long 100% Shanhai White Bristle, the finest available, is solvent proof, double set in epoxy and combed twice to ensure little bristle loss.  The brush is round and easy to use on furniture as well on walls.  The brush head is shaped by hand in the United States by a brush-maker with over 35 years experience.  The quality is unmatched and its pricing is unbeatable.

We suggest to our clients that they buy one for clear wax and one for dark wax.  The cleaning is simple, you can wash your brush with castile soap or even use no odor mineral spirits if you want, but we profer using soap. If you plan on using your wax brush regularly you can cover with Press n' Seal or even a nitrile glove.  You don't have to clean each time you use it.

This brush makes applying wax a pleasure.

Please rub the wax into the finish after brushing the wax on. Use a cloth or the brush to apply the wax, but be sure first rub/or massage the wax in a gentle circular motion into the Chalk Paint® then wipe off the excess wax.  (Never leave a film of wax on your piece thinking you'll buff it off the next day. You'll be left with a gummy residue. Always wipe off excess wax then buff the next day.) Do the fingertip test....gently run your fingertip over your waxed surface and look for streaks..if you have streaks, wipe more with clean side of cloth or paper towel. Let dry at least overnight prior to buffing.  You can gently place objects on your piece after  24-48 hours.  The wax takes 21-28 days to fully cure and harden. 


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