Waxine™ Wax Brush

Waxine Wax Brush
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The small version of the Waxwell™ Wax Brush.  

This is a wonderfully custom-designed wax brush created to work in tight areas and ideal to use with Annie Sloan Soft Wax in Dark.  It has an ergonomically-designed lacquered tapered handle for long term comfort.

The ferules are hand nailed and rust resistant. The two-inch long natural bristles are firm and resilient specifically for wax. If using Annie Sloan Soft Wax™, we recommend cleaning with a castile soap and occasionally deep cleaning with low-odor mineral spirits.  Waxine™ was specifically designed and sized for better comfort in a woman’s hand.  It is the ideal size for cabinet doors, small furniture pieces, and mouldings.

For larger projects I still recommend purchasing the either Waxwell™ or the  Ultimate Wax Brush.

Remember you do not have to clean your wax brush after every use, you can wrap the bristles in Saran wrap.

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