Waxwell™ Wax Brush - Large

Waxwell™ Wax Brush
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This design was inspired by an old-fashioned shaving brush. The handle is shorter so that the brush can fit into tighter areas.  This brush is incredibly comfortable and has an ergonomically-designed tapered & laquered handle for long-term comfort. The ferules are hand nailed and rust resistant. The two-inch long natural bristles are firm, resiliant and designed specifically for wax.

When using Annie Sloan Soft Wax, we recommend cleaning with castile soap, Dawn dishwishing soap or J.R. Watkins Dishwashing Soap,  and occasionally deep cleaning with low-odor minerial spirits. You do not have to clean the Waxwell each time, just wrap in Saran™ Wrap or Glad™ Press N Seal. 

For cabinet doors and smaller areas, consider using the smaller Waxine™ Wax brush.

We always recommend that you purchase 2 wax brushes one designated for clear wax and the other for dark wax.  Waxwell™ and the Ultimate Wax Brush are similar in size.  Both brushes are customer favorites and it just depends on which handle you would like to use when deciding on which wax brush to order.


Made in the USA.

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